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Aerial View of Baking Ingredients


With an Easy Bake oven I got from Santa (upon my request of course) when I was 8 years old... It was a beautiful orange Easy Bake Oven that functioned with a 100watts light bulb. From then on, no lamp in the house was safe if I need to bake.


I was born in Chihuahua and I grew up in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. During my teenage years, my Mom started making wedding cakes from home. She would buy the Wilton catalogs and replicate the cakes just by looking at them. She is amazing and has many talents. I found cake decorating fun and relaxing, but that was not considered a career... so after High School, I went to college for a Human Resources degree. 

I started taking cake decorating classes at 21 years old, more like a hobby or an excuse to make all the cakes for family events even my youngest sister Nydia’s Quinceanera cake. I still cannot believe my Mom let me do it.

The cake was a disaster, but my confidence went through the roof!
I finished college, started working and forgot all about cakes and cake decorating for a while.

Church in Brazil

In 1997 I got married and Gabriel and I moved to Brazil. A couple of years later we had Bruno and our beautiful family was completed.

I tasted Brigadeiros for the first time and fell in love with these truffle size bundle of sweet flavors and textures, not to mention how cute they are. I took a few courses to master the joy of making Brigadeiros to share it anywhere I went. 



Bruno, Gabriel and I moved to Canada in 2001 and after being a stay home Mom for a few years I went back to an administrative job for about 6 years. The economy crisis of 2008 brought my employer to downsize and in 2010 I lost my job. I was having a hard time finding another job and realized I had to go back to school and that is when I was hit by a stroke of lightning!

 Baking and Pastry Arts at Vancouver Community College!


It was going to require some teamwork and family effort because we lived in a suburb of Vancouver and the school was in downtown. I had to take a commuter train at 5:40 am, the first one out Haney Station to start school at 7am. Gabriel has always travelled for work and Bruno was 11yrs old.
The day came when Gabriel was abroad for work and I had to walk to the train station at 5:30am and leave Bruno alone to get himself ready for school, walk to the neighbors house and catch a ride to school. Oh, did I ever cry that day on the train! I still do just to think about it. He never complained to
have to do that many times. He is my biggest source of strength. 


I graduated and started working full time in "Wendels True Foods"; a Gluten Free desserts factory. There I learned to manage 200lbs recipes. I enjoyed the preciseness and consistency of packaged products and large production.

Chocolate Mix


We moved to Atlanta in 2014. In Atlanta I started working at Marriott Marquis downtown. The hotel and convention center has a whole bakeshop inside where all the desserts and baked goods are made. That was a totally different experience than the factory.

After some time, I saw an ad for a part time cake decorator in Alpharetta with Bakers Man Inc, an award winning 20 years custom bakery. There I found Mark & Becky Brickman that have been my mentors and friends ever since.

2BAKERS LLC was born in 2017 with a dear friend and a Cottage Food License operating from my home kitchen. We started selling to our friends and neighbors, but soon we realized we were a bit naïve and new to the entrepreneurial world not to know businesses are like newborn babies that require full time attention. In November of 2018, our sales were so low, we decided we didn't need to be 2 to fulfill the few seasonal orders and we went our separate ways.

This could not be the end of my “Easy Bake Oven” dreams and early mornings running to catch that train, so I continued with the business. I found more outlets to sell the products and sales started picking up. My business would grow relatively to the time, effort and enthusiasm I put into it. 

On September 2019 I quit my job as a cake artist to have more time and energy for was all going well and the pandemic hit! Little by little it is starting to pick up. I am blessed with friends and family that want me to succeed. They support and cheer me up, and I'm forever greatful. 

I believe 2BAKERS LLC will grow to a commercial kitchen or my own facility. People like what I make because my desserts are unique. They're made with great quality ingredients, beautifully packaged and because I stay true to my family values. I put all my passion,  knowledge, energy and love into what I do. Opportunity will find me working!

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